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A few years ago, when my Social Media Marketing business started growing very fast, the time I was spending with my clients became much harder to find in my hectic schedule. I started losing a couple of them just because I was overwhelmed and not able to deliver anymore the value they were used to get from me.

So I decided to start broadcasting part of my pieces of advice to all my clients at the same time, talking about what was specific for each of them during our weekly meetings and calls.

I created a basic newsletter that became later the Tactical Letter.

One day, as a friend was asking me how to grow her Instagram account, I told her that she should join my newsletter too. Because it was not for my clients only anymore (I never charged them for that), I decided to open it to everyone who was interested in marketing.

Today, I share EVERYTHING I know and learn, about Social Media Marketing, Algorithm Gaming, and Influencers Tactics. I want to turn each reader (people like you) into Social Media experts so that you guys can grow your - personal or corporate - brand much faster.

For years, I have been advising brands and influencers, having from a few hundred to a few million followers. The experience I want you to benefit from is second to none.

I believe in education. I know that if I help you understand better the Social Media game, we will go further together.

You will receive an email once or twice a week. Usually, in that email, I explain the proven know-how my team my team at Digidust uses daily, some practical advices that will make a difference as soon as you follow them and pretty clear analysis when hot Social Media news pop up somewhere in the world.

All the content posted in that letter is exclusive and created by ME for YOU.

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